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What’s the first step?

In Agricultural, College, education, Uncategorized on August 21, 2012 at 8:44 am

In the car on my way to work in the morning, I often find myself thinking “What’s the first step?” and inevitably the same question plays at me for the remainder of the day. But the question still begs an answer; what is the next step for me?

Having started reading Farmers Guardian regularly over a year ago, I have come to the realisation that the sector is as diverse as it is challenging. To me though, this is similar to presenting a 20 stone rugby player, with an insatiable appetite to a lavish wedding buffet. I feel the best next step for me is more education.

More education is a regrettable prospect when I already owe over ten thousand pounds to the government for the funding of my Literature degree. This is serious food for thought. But I know that Farming of any sort requires know-how that is not only vital, but so traditional and variable. Going into Farming with limited knowledge would be like taking a knife to a gun-fight. Not destined to end very well.

For two weeks I have trawled through many prospectuses from Agricultural colleges. Consequently, after much printing, clicking, post-code entering and reading I deduce that I really like the look of Askham Bryam College, Bishop Burton and The Royal Agricultural College.

I work my way through the prospectus, seeking a course that seems to provide the best kick-start I will need to enter the industry. I read of the modules, the facilities, the alumini and the career prospects and I also read the course fees.

Needless to say, they are not cheap; £10,000 is quite a lofty amount of money for somebody like me, and when you consider that the government don’t provide loans for these courses, you quickly start to worry a little. I feel this anxiety is useful. It would be wise to look up and government scheme’s involved with getting started.

I don’t find much upon my first attempts, perhaps I’m not looking in the right places.

I counter this concern with daydreams. Ideas of what I’m going to do enter my mind, and I toy with them all afternoon. Where I’ll be farming (In my mind, It’s got to be Yorkshire). What I’m going to call my first Bull. This all probably sounds terrible to a Farmer, but I have convinced myself that my idealistic thoughts are not detrimental to my desire to attain what they already have. I sincerely envy every son of every Farmer in Great Britain.

This jealousy or whatever you may call it is heavily counteracted by people I have met recently who already have what I want. I tend to worry that approaching someone in the industry for help might well just be considered an inconvenience. I know that if I was working 70 hour weeks, the last thing I want is to have some green farmer badgering me for advice and help.

The people I have met thus far have surprised me with their willingness and genuine interest in helping me. Be it advice or letting me come work at Agricultural shows in the cattle lines. It shames me, but I feel painfully green sometimes, and more than ever I have a hunger to get out onto someone’s farm and graft for them. I hold hope in the fact that this will spur me on to work hard when I need to most.

I am at a stage now where my English Literature degree is beginning to frustrate me. I feel it will offer limited benefit to getting where I want to be. I take consolation in the fact that I have another year to further explore prospects, come up with new and profitable business ideas and mostly dream of where I want to be in ten years.

I am helping out at the Yorkshire Show again next week, I am excited to get out of the office and into the mud and poo.