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Back In The Saddle

In Uncategorized on July 3, 2013 at 8:35 am

University is over, finally. I must admit I was expecting to feel relieved at this stage, which I most defiantly do, but I feel I shall miss it sorely, particularly the people.


At any rate my sentimentality is quickly over-ridden by an overwhelming realization; I can finally get out about about on the farm. Getting back into the swing of things is important. My challenge now is to find somewhere that’ll take me on. In the meantime the name of the game is gaining experience. Again I feel very lucky to have the friends I have as my friend Mike (@mikefarmerscott) has agreed to put me up for a month on his dairy in Lockerbie, I intend to take him up on the offer. In other events, I’m meeting with a farmer next week (the day before I leave for Lockerbie) to have a chat about things. The farmer I am somewhat familiar with, but as for the things, I couldn’t possibly say for fear of jinxing any potential outcome.  In any event I expect a positive and enlightening experience, and am thoroughly looking forward to it. Words can’t really express the desire I have to get out and work and learn. I find myself resenting wasted time, I can no longer sit on the sofa for longer than half an hour without climbing the walls in frustration and boredom. If worse comes to worse I’ll have to get a hobby horse.


On another note, next week is the Great Yorkshire Show and I’ll be helping prepare some Salers for showing in the ring later this week; pressure washing, shampooing and perming. I’m also very much in-the-market for a wax jacket, so I’ll be spending an awful lot of time trawling around the show ground taking in the sights. smells and sounds. I can hardly wait. As a way of celebrating, the farmers in question throw an annual barn dance in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Calder Valley Mountain Rescue. I feel it would be a suitable excuse for finalizing celebrations in the wake of leaving university and FINALLY starting my career.


These next few weeks will be exciting!