Why bother blogging?

In Agricultural, farming, getting started on February 11, 2013 at 6:02 pm

Coming from a none-farming background and attempting to break in to farming I initially assumed that writing a blog would serve little purpose in the grand scheme of starting from scratch in agriculture. After all, the depth of knowledge required (let alone the work ethic) to become a successful farmer is so vast that one can be forgiven for not recognising the practical and prudent purpose that blogging serves.

As I frequently say; every world wise person knows that it’s not about what you know, but who you know and this old proverb is proven most obviously in the undeniable importance of networking. The first lesson I learnt is that Twitter is totally invaluable, all you really have to do is find the right readers and never be afraid to ask for help, the worst thing anyone can say is no. Having said that, it’d be foolish to assume that the majority of people wouldn’t be interested in helping. Thanks to mainstream media, farming is very much in fashion at the moment and in my position that’s strikingly apparent. I’ve found that an overwhelming majority of people are happy to help, anything from a re-tweet to having me over for a couple of days work experience when I have a break in my busy university schedule.

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For me, that’s what will come next and what I am very excited for. As I approach graduation finding agricultural work has become my imperative and I think this is the most important step in establishing myself in Farming (aside from somehow acquiring about £30,000). But crucially, I feel confident and it is because of my blog ultimately that I feel that way. I only began to write my blog six months ago and already it has led to exciting opportunities. It is exclusively down to my blog that I was accepted for the Farmers Weekly’s Farm Apprentice competition, which has proved to be one of my most inspirational events in my journey into farming thus far. Realistically, the sheer amount of people I have met as a consequence of blogging and the inspiration they offer is a list far too long to write.

It has to be said, it is not necessarily easy to find the time to periodically sit down and commit your week to words. Just like writing an essay or sitting an exam, the hardest part is starting it off. As I have written more I have adopted a pretty simplistic technique; think through your fingers and you’ll come up with something sincere and honest. Now I have reached that stage I find myself almost addicted to writing my blog and I feel that I couldn’t actually farm without blogging about it in future. Farming is undeniably a lifelong labour of love and writing about something you love is simple, honest and sincere. But the true beauty of blogging is that everyone can do it, and I would encourage anyone interested to do so wholeheartedly.

  1. I agree Josh! : ) Great posts, how was lambing? your still getting hits and reads on : ) Katy

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