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Not long to go.

In Agricultural, farming on January 5, 2013 at 1:45 pm

Sitting in my seat on the train back from London I feel a mixture of emotions. As I thunder along and up the spine of the UK I look out of the window at all the farmland passing me by. Between the fields and I is a thick panel of glass; I can look but I can’t quite touch. My overwhelming feeling of disappointment depresses me, but does not discourage me.

First of all, huge congratulations to George Brown (@GBinNZ) for winning Farm apprentice! Though I’m sure everyone is as gutted as I am for not winning it is a consolation to know that the winner is totally deserved. I feel tempted to join him in New Zealand, living the dream with his dairy.¬†Though, naturally I am a bit disappointed at not winning, I feel the experience overall was infinitely beneficial and I am proud to have been involved. I feel the initiative has set the bar at a high standard and I hope it will continue. The more coverage agriculture receives will ultimately further highlight the everyday difficulties inflicted on Farmers, and hopefully help to make the job a little easier.

My attention must now turn back to completing my degree. In 5 months I will graduate and then I’ll be able to fully immerse myself in Farming. I still assert the fact that this cannot come soon enough. Thanks to my friend Verity Hyland @verityhyland I have a long list of numbers and email addresses I can spam, requesting work and experience in whatever they can offer me, though I admit I’d prefer sheep and cattle to livery: I just can’t trust a horse. I begin to grow excited for spring and lambing time. I hope I can find somewhere to work during this time as experience is essential, I hope my friends The Flockable Lasses (@FlockableLasses) can find something for me to do in the New Year. I’ve even been reading one of my Christmas presents back to front in order to prepare myself for the spring.

Opportunities are presenting themselves more than ever at the moment, and though I can not disclose some of them; I can say that I am very excited to have been offered them.

I’ll keep you all posted, thank you for reading!