Farm Apprentice

In Agricultural, farming, getting started on October 19, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Three days until Farm Apprentice! Been spending most of my time this week packing clothes, double checking my suitcase and mentally preparing myself for a week of mental fun. I’ve booked my train tickets; 07.10 departure from Leicester to arrive in Nantwich station at 09.29. That offers me a healthy 2 hour buffer zone for any delays. I cross my fingers and pray to the Gods of the railway for a smooth journey. 

I’ve paid more attention than ever to twitter. Keeping my eyes peeled for any hints or clues from Farmers Weekly but nothing of any significance has leaked yet. Honestly I’d prefer it to stay as a surprise. I understand that it will most likely be a mixture of The Apprentice, Dragons Den and The Farm (that used to be on channel 5 many years ago). I’m at a loss as to how I should prepare myself, but I suppose all I can do is be ready for anything.

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The prize money is never far from my mind. I think of how I could utilise it; start out with 25 Ewes and a Tup on a hilly 7 acre plot and go the whole hog all year. Experience is crucial, so everything I can possibly do with them I must do. Regular blood testing, shearing, lambing, and upon ultimate slaughter make money from every part of the animal. I’ll even take the hides to a tannery and sell them to whoever will take them.

I love the idea of producing and promoting prestigious British Wool. There seems to me to be a gap in the market in this. British people are proud of their heritage. Why not suggest schemes with British tailors/manufactures/department stores to stock our great British Wool. Not only would the retailers be offering their customers a quality product with pride in every stitch, they’d be supporting all the British farmers that the cosmopolitan nation seems to have totally forgotten about.

I have taken to time to check out the other finalists and I feel very excited to work with them all. There seems to be a very wide range of individuals with a wealth of experience between them: I look forward to learning from them all and sharing what I can. I’m also quite excited to have a good look around Reaseheath College. I am still undecided as to whether more education is necessary, so perhaps this week may help me decide.

Reaseheath College

I’ll be keeping posted on my twitter during this week, so if anyone is interested in my progress please do keep up! Also you can check out the other finalists here;

  1. Monkstone knitwear make beautiful jumpers from British wool that is spun and knitted in the UK: Definitely room for more of this though!

  2. My daughter’s also an English graduate but she’s rather more predictably working at a university as her first job. Good luck to you in your choice of career.

    Check out for people celebrating and promoting wool.

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