Ability is nothing without opportunity.

In Agricultural, education, family, farming, getting started on September 11, 2012 at 9:39 am

Already opportunity has come knocking in various forms. Within the space of three weeks I have progressed from having worryingly little to write about to almost having too much to write about. It seems contradictory to complain and I am quite excited, this provides me with the chance to talk to a lot of people who are involved in farming in different ways.

It seems so far that taking swallowing my pride and writing this blog was the best decision I could have made. I feel as if my mind eases every time I write an entry. It almost feels like a relief to commit my thoughts to writing, it goes beyond a sense of relief when I receive praise and help.

I continue to keep myself busy and keep up to date with the current affairs. The more news I read the further my slightly warped and perhaps misinterpreted picture of the sector develops. I feel I have quickly learnt that nothing stays still for long in this industry. One moment the Badger cull has the go ahead for a pilot cull, the next it’s postponed. I realize that budget cuts have hit the industry as hard as any other; DEFRA’s animal health budget is set to reduce from £244 million to £199 million in 3 years, and with bTB costing DEFRA £100 million per year it is certain to be subject t to imminent cuts. A cheaper solution to bTB must be found. Hopefully no more livelihoods will be totally ruined whilst we patiently wait for a definitive decision.  

All these problems; rising costs of fuel, a poor summer and various prolific diseases make me realize how versatile you have to be to make a success out of Farming.

I’ve been approached by The Salers Cattle Society to run their Twitter and Facebook pages, to cast ‘young eyes on the Market’. I say that I would happily do the job for free for the title of Editor of Digital Content. Whilst this title is admittedly nonsense I am excited at the prospect of writing more and talking with more Farmers. Especially consider that I want to keep Salers, so any information I can get my hands on would be very interesting. I will approach it with the same enthusiasm as I approach my blog with.

Cows and Calves

In these past few weeks I have liaised with several Farmers, some as young as me. I am hungry to know how they manage their Farm whilst they seem to be curious as to why anyone would ever choose to become a Farmer. I suppose my passion for it is due to the way I’ve been raised. As I’ve talked about before, I have experienced Farming throughout my entire life but I think considering the ‘bigger picture’ really swung it for me.

I was born into a generation of men and women who are groomed to be professionals. We are bred to sit at desks, to answer phones and meet deadlines and audits. We are brought on to fill a pair of office shoes and black trousers. Sired by a generation who experienced spiritual, political and social revolution in the 1960′s. I refuse to believe that my path in life is pre-determined by the family I have been born into. I don’t want to work in an office; I want to be a Farmer. As all my friends know I could happily shout it from the rooftops.

Please keep reading, and keep your eyes out for the soon-to-be Salers Cattle Society of the UK twitter page!


  1. There’s a poem you should read called Clancy of the Overflow by Banjo Patterson.

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