Imparting of Wisdom

In Agricultural, education, family, farming, getting started on August 28, 2012 at 7:14 pm

People who know the industry say that we need an injection of passion into younger Farmers. Whilst I don’t feel I know enough to form an opinion on the matter, I do feel that I am passionate about Farming. I have said often that I seek to learn from everybody I meet and I have encountered no shortage of helpful people yet. I find myself drifting further and further into the form of a terrible stereotype; I have a genuine urge to get outside and do something useful; so I have done.  

I treat a big old wooden Barn door and cross frame with Creosote. It runs in streams of black tar tears down the slight channels and imperfections of each individual wooden plank in the door until, an hour later, a stinking black veil dresses the barn door (and much of the yard below it).  I take a step back and realise why Creosote has the harmful label on every bottle; I feel dizzy and slightly drunk. I pick up 50 new fence posts; the fences around the fields need patching. I pile them into the Barn and swing the dapper shiny Barn door shut. A gust of chemical air follows me.  I wander down the hill, covered in tar black specks and smudges and I watch the Hebridean Shearlings graze. I recall watching the news the day before and hearing; ‘summer is over’. Those Sheep will need their fleeces by winter, especially up here.

I get hold of some free information from EBLEX with regards to better returns programmes for your flock. I flick through and read in-depth and feel re-assured. If this information is free then I think I will struggle to grasp the hypothetical definition of value. Information from the horse’s mouth is equally as important. I visit my great cousin’s farm outside of Haworth and they kindly walk me around, introduce me to their Simmentals and Sheep and share pearls of wisdom. I thoroughly enjoy my afternoon and leave with a snap of Big Bad Bert (pictured below) and a picture of the view from their doorstep (pictured at the very bottom) . I leave feeling grateful, excited and of course, slightly jealous. I appreciate all the kind words, efforts and advice I receive. I feel it is the people I will meet who will be the biggest influence on how I end up Farming.

I receive further promising news, again through somebody I know (and in true fashion abides to the law of seven separations).  My girlfriends friend knows a Farmer whose plot is just outside of the city. Although I don’t want to get my hopes up, this is extremely encouraging. I feel assured too, that people are thinking of me and trying to help me. I feel gratitude alone would not be satisfactory repayment. I thank people for their kindness.

I hope to go to some auctions and markets before I go back to university. I hope I can find somebody who’ll let me go along. It’ll be very beneficial to get used to the way things are done.

That’s quite a view.

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