Keeping busy…

In Agricultural, farming, getting started, ragwort on August 22, 2012 at 6:33 pm

Though these are early days it appears there are even more people willing to help. You simply have to look in the right places.

I received the exciting news from Farmers Guardian. They are interested in featuring my Blog in their “Getting Started” section. I hope now more than ever that I am capable of writing interesting things.

I intend to keep myself as busy as possible for an indefinite period of time. I feel I must take advantage of being at home, so before I return to University I will do everything I can to get outside and work as much as possible. I have several people I can approach and I feel confident and determined.

This leads me to worry about what I will do when I return to University in six weeks time. I think it would be very lucky if I could find someone not so far out of the city that can offer to take me on one, or two days a week. But it’s not an impossibility. Hopefully someone will read this and grow empathetic and give me a chance, I know that I would bite their hand off if I received an offer.

This week I dug out the horses shelter and laid a new straw floor on it,15 wheelbarrows full of mud, straw and poo. The smell of it burns the back of my throat and screws my nose up, but it makes me feel revitalised. The best medicine anyone could ever need. I lay a full bale of straw down on the bare earth and the smell instantly changes. The straw smells sweet, almost dizzying; Natures perfume.

I discover, to my horror, that the fields I cleared of Ragwort last summer are once again flayed with knee high, green leafy stalks topped but clusters of bright yellow flowers.

It is far worse than last year.

This does make me wonder why DEFRA haven’t classified it as a poisonous plant (which it really is) so people don’t have to repeat the same arduous process every summer. Maybe there is something that I don’t know. In any eventuality, it will have to be removed before it dies, dries out and ends up in the winters silage.

I laugh to myself; it is a good job I enjoy these things.

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