I want to be a Farmer…

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As a middle class boy born in the heart of gods own country, I have always been bordered by rough and ready hill farms. Lots of Sheep, lots of cows and not a lot of crop.

Having attended a series of decent schools, I performed above average in my grades at GCSE and at A-level and in the summer of 2010, decided to further my education onto studying an English literature honours degree, currently approaching the final year.

I am sure anybody who attended school can remember the careers meetings. Sat in geography class on a miserable Tuesday afternoon, it was always a welcome sight when ‘the careers lady’ popped her head around the door and called your name for a meeting.

However pleasant this may have been (and no offence to the lovely careers lady) I am not sure that interviewing 13 year old children about their future job prospects was necessarily the right course of action. I say this because I am now 21 and have only just realised what it is I would truly love to do.

I want to be a Farmer.

I have been certain of this for almost three years now, reasons being I have always been close to it and have become more involved in the industry since my life took a very lucky turn two years ago. This does not negate the fact that people (understandably) consider me to be somewhat naïve.

“How do you intend to even get started?”

Financially I am not sure, though I intend to undertake a post-graduate degree in Agricultural Management and Business Management. But it’s a very complex and unpredictable industry, so who knows what I might need to do.

“What about the long hours?”

I am a strong advocate of the principle that if you want something badly enough, you will work as many hours as the lord sends. Grafting must be easier if you love what you do.

“What about the change of lifestyle?”

I think it’s the best lifestyle. Family orientated self-sufficient business unlike any other. Plus everybody gets a nice LandRover.

Aside from feeling dreadfully sorry for myself, I have been happy to have received a lot of support in what I want to do from my family and friends. I feel with this essential continued support, a little guidance, making the next steps in my life correctly, A LOT of learning and A LOT of hard work I can make something of myself in the industry.

Perhaps one day even my own farm!

I hold a lot of excitement for what my future brings, I believe myself to be very lucky in that sense.

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